Damson Jam

damson jam

I love these little fellows. Not always that easy to find but fortunately I have a friend with a damson tree in their field, which fruits really well. Damson jam is one of the real treats from the hedgerow. This is a great and simple old fashioned recipe for damson jam. Sometimes the old ones are the best!

Ingredients for Damson Jam

  • 4lb Damsons
  • 1/2pt Water
  • 3lb Sugar

To Prepare Damson Jam

  1. Wipe all the damsons, simmer them gently with the water until they are soft, and have made plenty of juice.
  2. Stand by with a wooden spoon and catch up all the stones as they loosen and come to the top. It is always better to remove as many stones as possible before adding the sugar, because this prevents wastage.
  3. Pour in the sugar, stir to dissolve it, then bring to the boil. Boil moderately fast until a little will set when tested, stirring constantly.
  4. Pot while very hot into sterile jars and seal immediately.

Damson jam has one of the most fantastic colours. There is usually plenty of pectin in damsons unless they are really over ripe and so there is no need to over boil allowing the colour to be preserved at its best. Have you tied damson jam with a good strong piece of Stilton and a salty cracker biscuit? If not I really recommend you do; it is just divine!

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